Shake 270: The year of domes

December 31, 2010

Me, Museum of Sydney (Australia), June 2010

This is the one day of the year we tend to look both forward and back. I look back on 9 month’s worth of daily blogging; I remember the cold Dry July with some pain, the day I made contact with one of the snowdome greats, my sister’s return laden with domes, daily blogging across 4 time zones on October’s dash across Europe, the amazing experience at the local school in the last couple of months and many, many coffees. I laughed, I pondered, I marvelled and I wrote. What a year.

What lies ahead? More inspiring moments would be my first wish. And I wish you an amazing final day of 2010. ‘Til next year.

Here’s a couple of the year’s Shakes.

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