Shake 252: Mystery tour

December 13, 2010

Claim your dome!

There’s a certain danger when two people, both with a bad sense of direction decide to go somewhere that they kind of… sort of… maybe… think they know. I really should have seen the warning signs when one of us wasn’t even sure which street and the other couldn’t tell we were suddenly travelling in the opposite direction after a few right turns. With the mission of getting only a few suburbs over, 45 minutes and numerous u-turns later, the Newfie and I arrived in time to…. just miss Cookie’s Grade 3 students perform Shrek’s Twelve Days of Christmas! And it didn’t help our spirits when the other teachers were praising it to the sky. Luckily we did see the Grade 4 yellow t-shirt, super-choreographed skipping spectacular and a re-run of the sweet, star-laden Kindergartens (apparently there were other latecomers as well who missed out watching their little one wave their sparkling stars randomly). Our lateness meant standing-room only, outside the hall, which in turn meant we were sharing our ears with the sound check for tonight’s U2 concert in the venue behind us.

Christmas concerts, lemonade scones and finding an indoor basketball court. What a random day.


4 Responses to “Shake 252: Mystery tour”

  1. Cookie Says:

    My class was the 4 and it was spectacular indeed! The yellow skippers were the 3s. I was so happy to see you and the scones were a delight!

  2. snowdomes Says:

    Too fun! But I’m never going anywhere with Newfie again unless we have a definite address, 2 maps and 2 hours!

  3. Jeff Says:

    I remember buying that dome in SF and thinking that it was marvelously pretentous 🙂 Please tell it it doesn’t play Christmas carols?

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