Shake 243: Follow the White Rabbit

December 4, 2010

Mum & Dad, Los Angeles (US), year?

There’s a new gallery in town and it’s seriously awesome. The White Rabbit Gallery is housed in a beautifully refurbished knitting factory in Chippendale and focuses on contemporary Chinese art. Within the works displayed over four levels, there are lots of delights to be had, but my favourite, currently named ‘Paper’ (you are encouraged to enter their competition to rename it) was at the very top, taking up the entire level. I was also surprised to see ‘Sunflower Seeds’ by Ai Weiwei, a work we’d seen at the Tate Modern only a couple of months before.

One particularly exotic feature of this gallery are the art minders on each level; the ladies in sweet Chinese garnished aprons, ensuring the safety of the works are so passionate about the art themselves that their little tidbits of welcome input only serve to enhance your experience. If there weren’t already enough reasons to love this place, there’s a library, theatrette, a gorgeous teahouse and best of all, free entry! Get yourself over there, it’s seriously worth a visit.

Sorry about the dome choice today. I have no domes from China, they’re all just made there!

Happy birthday Dad! We’re your biggest fans.


2 Responses to “Shake 243: Follow the White Rabbit”

  1. rc Says:

    my friend’s been trying to get me to go for over a year! i’ll def have to check out the gallery. pop over sometime.

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