Shake 240: School politics

December 1, 2010

Mei, Sydney (Australia), 2006

It was difficult to ignore the posters around school today, all clambering for attention with “vote for me”! And sure enough, between reading and writing about grasshoppers with the grade 1s and looking at patterns in dragonfly wings, we all shuffled into the assembly hall to hear speeches by hopeful student leader candidates for 2011. These courageous and determined 5th graders were ready to change their futures by selling themselves to their fidgeting juniors. Each candidate had similar reasons for their suitability; namely their adherence to school rules, their willingness to ensure that students weren’t left lonely and offering their time to community-building events. But there were some gold moments from the more creative students, like the suggestion of forming an anti-bullying team! I was so impressed, I had to stifle my laughter. When one charismatic student, eager to show his approachability, invited his fellow peers to feel free to “come and have a chat or have a beer”, it became increasingly clear that some parents may have played a little part in their words!

23 inspiring speeches later, it seemed certain the school would be the happiest, most enjoyable and litter-free place on earth in 2011.

Post-school brew


2 Responses to “Shake 240: School politics”

  1. snowdomes Says:

    Looks awesome but what about all the huge/wide domes I have?!

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