Shake 231: Amsterdam

November 22, 2010

Me, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Oct 2010

Our short time in Amsterdam was a little marred by jetlag and possibly overdoing high tea at the Langham Hotel in London the day before. The treats were so rich and bountiful; I think my body was feeling the effects of a missing gallbladder. Despite running on a less than full tank, it was not difficult to see the beauty of this city lined with canals. It was Thursday, so the streets were starting to awaken with the usual weekend tourists coming for a hit. With only a few windmills left in the city, Mr Snowdomes fondly remembered a bike ride to one of them that had transformed itself into a quaint brewery. And with a little research, we found ourselves there sharing a home brew with the locals. With no English on the menus, we took a guess at some of the bar snacks which resulted in a plate of sliced up raw sausage. Each slice was about 50mm in diameter, the centre a bright raw pink while the circumference, a darker cured brown. Not my cup of tea, but the man sitting beside us at the bar with his lovely daughter was delighted at our, or rather the Hubs’ sense of adventure. He was an ex-Marine, she was a hospitality/tourism student and he’d brought her there to share his nostalgic journey. In his youth he had spent some sunny afternoons, much like this one, at this very bar with his wife. He was curious to know how we’d found this windmill; “only locals know about this place” was his claim (thanks Z & Treen). Despite the canals, the ‘coffee shops’ and the dancing ladies, the afternoon we spent with them is my favourite Amsterdam memory (picking up this dome featuring marijuana is probably my second favourite).


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