Shake 230: Kabourophobia?

November 21, 2010

Claim your dome!

I love these brightly coloured seascape domes. This one features a forever-floating diver, but what you can’t see on the other side is an enormous crab with villainous pincers. Since it’s been a week of baring my soul, I’m adding another to the list. I have a crab-phobia.

Every summer when I was young, my parents would take us down south for a retreat by the beach with friends. While the folks entertained themselves with either fishing (the dads) or gossip (the mums), we young’ns went wild for pipi hunting. All you had to do was dance the twist in the sand until you felt the distinct hardness of a pipi shell, reach down into the dark depths of the sand pool at your feet and there was your prize. Now the problem was that sometimes you could mistake that shell for the shell of a sand crab and if this unfortunate situation was to befall you, you were faced with a furious crab, pincers in the air and ready to charge into battle. For me, this frightful situation occurred a little too often, and the surprise confrontations were enough to make me doubt whether those pipis were really worth it. Now, even years later, when I see a live crab, my skin begins to crawl and involuntary shivers don’t run, but race up my spine!

Do you now understand why I chose to focus on the diver?


One Response to “Shake 230: Kabourophobia?”

  1. Caesar Says:

    Crustaceans are the cockroaches of the sea. I hate looking at them and I hate eating them.

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