Shake 223: Where to next?

November 14, 2010

Jade & Sitchie, Zion National Park, Utah (US), year?

When one trip comes to an end, I find I’m always asking myself where to next? Although I spent the first couple of months of my life in South America before heading to Vegemite-land, I’ve never been back. Just quietly, I’m amazed at how many people ask whether I can speak Portugese. Seriously. I was 5 months old.

So the extent of my travels in that part of the world is New York and Hawaii (and LA Airport…does that count?). Although well-travelled, Mr Snowdomes has not even set foot on the American shore, so it’s definitely getting short-listed, but it sounds like his dream holiday is staying as far away from major cities as possible and pioneering the less trodden areas of North America. Maybe it’s time to look at hiring a caravan and a dog, John Steinbeck-style.

No one has traversed the US more than Jade and Sitchie, which is awesome for me because they bring back some beautiful domes from places I haven’t even heard of. This is what I love best about the collection.


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