Shake 218: Common ground

November 9, 2010

Ron & Glendalicious, Italy, 2001

Certainly, opposites do seem to attract. This couldn’t be more true of my sister and her best friend. My sister is always calm, paced and takes that step back in large social situations. Glendalicious is decisive, often loud (some could describe it as almost yelling) when she excitedly voices her opinions and you’ll generally always find her in the middle of the action. The intersection of these two unlikely roads is ajumma-dom. Ajumma is the Korean word used to describe the 35 – 55 woman, often married and more often with that short permed hair. And although neither of them has entered into the final stage of the permed class, they are ajummas to the core. An example of this was their last trip together to Europe when they left partners behind. While most of us would be rushing here to see this or scooting over there to climb that, I understand their holiday went at the rate of ‘slow-paced’, consisting of a lot of leisurely shopping, frequent stops for coffee to rest their weary legs and tucked in bed by 9pm!

They brought me this dome back from their stroll through Italy. I often look at it and wonder what made them choose it.


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