Shake 217: Dome-spotting

November 8, 2010

Claim your dome!

All I have to say is congratulations to me! I made it. Three weeks of daily blogging around the world!

Over my little hop around Europe, it was really interesting to see domes pop up everywhere. I’d have to say dome-spotting was the easiest in Prague. Of all the towns we visited, Prague was the most tourist-centric. Every second shop in the town centre was a souvenier haven. And the same dome you spotted near Charles Bridge for 280 Kr was 200 Kr just down the road. It’s hilarious how you become tighter with money when you go away despite record Aussie dollar highs. I wouldn’t even think twice about spending $14 on a dome somewhere in Australia, but over there, $14 versus $10… there was no shakin’ way I was spending an extra $4!

Amsterdam was similarly easy, the domes sat beside every variety of weed and mushroom for sale. Berlin was a snap at the main tourist attractions, but when you went further afield, it was a nice surprise to find some unique ones off the beaten track.

In London, the Red Bus Shop beside the British Museum had it all: there was not a single item they couldn’t sell without a red bus on it. London was also special because Mr Snowdomes spotted the most expensive snowdome ever at the Tate Modern’s shop – 650 pounds! This has led me to a new goal in life. My first purchase when I win the lottery.

Tate Modern's 650 pound snowglobe


One Response to “Shake 217: Dome-spotting”

  1. […] you cast your mind back, I blogged about a £650 dome we saw in London’s Tate Modern gift shop late last year. I was so overwhelmed by the price tag […]

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