Shake 214: Sunshine

November 5, 2010


Ron, Cardiff (Wales), year?


Made a quick stop in a ‘Cat Cafe’: level 6 in a building in the heart of Seoul’s Myeong-dong is a haven for about 20 cats and kittens. For a fee, they whip you up a coffee and you can play with the fuzzies. With so many warm nooks and crannies, and people with cat-lurve lounging on couches, I’ve never seen so many spoilt kitties! Only in Asia.

I can’t believe our luck this trip. With the exception of one drizzly arvo on our last day in London, we were lucky to have 3 weeks of cool, bright sunny days over 5 countries! Not bad huh?


2 Responses to “Shake 214: Sunshine”

  1. wonks Says:

    oooooh do tell so i can go harrass some kittens when we go?? ;p

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