Shake 204: Watching the world go by with a beer

October 26, 2010

Kent L., Minnesota (US), year?

With quite a few hops this week, I can totally understand why the Europeans raise their eyebrows about 10 hour flights and even 3 hour drives. I can’t get over the one hour flights between countries. I was in Berlin this morning, and just as I was getting comfy on the flight, we were descending into Prague.

I almost forgot how old-worldy Prague is. It still feels like it’s stuck in time with its beautiful old buildings and cobblestoned narrow streets. We happened to take a wrong turn down one such narrow lane and a strong feeling of dejavu overtook me – I realised I was standing in front of the tiny entrance to the hotel Lea and I stayed at 10 years ago! Back then, I can’t remember seeing many domes around, but it looks like the city has caught up. Domes aplenty!

Andy (Zito) – let me know if you have any domes from here, and whether domes or globes are your preference!


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