Shake 202: Berlin’s best

October 24, 2010

Lea, Queenstown (New Zealand), year?

Modernism is one of my favourite movements, so today’s visit to the Bauhaus Museum felt like a milestone in my life. I am in love with Berlin (possibly more than any of the other cities on this trip so far): it’s precision and creativity in one. The graphics scene here is so beautiful and the architecture is gobsmacking everywhere you turn… for the Hubs – it’s the variety of boutique brewed beers and curry-worst! At this rate, we are seriously going to be rolling home.


3 Responses to “Shake 202: Berlin’s best”

  1. ibooth Says:

    Methinks you will both need to do some clothes shopping when you get to Korea – work clothes etc will probably have shrunk by the time you get home!! I believe it happens after you have had a good ‘beefy’ holiday!

  2. Mia, how beautiful is Berlin right??? I love it! It was also in Berlin that I had the biggest and best Wiener Schnitzel ever! I actually hope you and Rick had enough good German food and beer to be rolling home!

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