Shake 184: Nothing rhymes with borscht

October 6, 2010

Claim your dome!

The Hubs loves beetroot. Once, he had 12 beetroot shots in one sitting at the Hilton’s buffet breakfast just to find out whether it would make any difference when he relieved himself.

Tonight, he made borscht. Like 100 beetroots shots in one bowl. I just can’t wait to see the effects tomorrow.

Alas, there are no domes from Russia, so some pink liquid will have to do!


6 Responses to “Shake 184: Nothing rhymes with borscht”

  1. Emski Says:

    too funny beetroot boy

  2. Caesar Says:

    “I onesch got real drunk on the borscht
    I nearleh fell off o’ mah horsch
    Says I in the Russian
    I ain’t got concussion
    This wouldnae ha’ happen’d in a Porsche”

  3. snowdomes Says:

    It was the worsht?

  4. Lea Says:

    So the big question is: did it make a difference?

    On a side note, I doubt anything makes a bigger splash (forgive the pun) than asparagus!! There was only a single asparagus in last night’s dinner but its presence was announced in my next two visits to the toilet!

  5. snowdomes Says:

    The verdict: it was a bit pink, but he says, when he eats baked beetroot, it’s pinker!

  6. snowdomes Says:

    HOw could you smell anything in that loo?

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