Shake 176: Feel like chicken tonight?

September 28, 2010

Andie, Geneva (Switzerland), May 2008

My sister arrived home today from Geneva with a bag full of fun domes, a craving for good coffee and a new eating philosophy. Previously, she didn’t eat anything with 4 legs (basically red meat), but after our jibes about kangaroo she now follows the rule – nothing with external ears! The Hub’s response was what about whale, seal or monotremes? And the battle continues.

The best 3 things about working in Switzerland, according to Andie:

  1. Everything and everyone is on time and precise
  2. Geneva has amazing public transport and is an almost car-less society
  3. The location – it’s a hub to anywhere in Europe.

The worst 3 things:

  1. The language barrier – French is very widely used
  2. No noise pollution – she couldn’t flush her loo after 10pm
  3. The cost of living.

Welcome back Andie.


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