Shake 175: The post about nothing

September 27, 2010

Eric, Atlantic City (US), year?

The hardest days to blog are Monday and Friday. Monday because… everything is just hard on a Monday, and on Fridays, I’m usually struggling to find anything creative to say in a minute before hitting the bars. Any other patterns you ask? Readership is always low on a Saturday when everyone is living their lives, particularly when it’s a gorgeous day (and there are more of these ahead with Spring and hayfever in full bloom). And you readers who like to come once a week for a good dome-dose must have all agreed to visit together on the same day – there’s always one random peak day.

I was never a blog person until I was introduced to Eric’s blog, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore because, like everyone else, he’s moved onto Facebook. Judging by this pattern, I should be on Facebook in another 5 years.


2 Responses to “Shake 175: The post about nothing”

  1. j Says:

    Which Eric? Ours?

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