Shake 174: The danger of airport bars

September 26, 2010

Glenda & RC, Portugal, 2008

I’ve only missed a flight once in my life. That once was only last year when I was transferring at LA airport to meet my sister in New York. It was the week before 4th July, so the airport was bustling – it felt like everyone was either coming from NY or making their way there. I’m sure those of you familiar with LA international airport will understand why the 5 hour wait was mind-numbingly dull – with but a handful of stores to divert you, it’s very uninspiring. After 3 hours of reading and iPod-ing, I went in search of the only bar in the complex; surely I could waste another hour there. As soon as I seated myself, the introductions began to flow in. I realised I was surrounded by other travellers who were all just as bored as I was. Two hours and an unknown number of drinks later, I was sure it was time to go, so I bid my time-wasters farewell. But when I arrived at the gate, it was unusually empty and to my horror, I could see the plane slowly beginning to distance itself.

I won’t tell you the details of the next 12 hours, but let’s just say that my best purchase on that trip was an airport blanket. I think that says enough.

Why am I sharing this little tale? A one-off experience for me is unfortunately a reoccurring one for Glenda. Seems like she misses a flight almost every time she goes away! Her last was between London and Portugal, and she doesn’t have the excuse of intoxication.


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