Shake 159: Learning to fly

September 11, 2010

Jess, Cotswald (UK), Nov 2009

Every gal loves a bar with waiters that aren’t unpleasant to look at. LL Wine and Dine in the very up and coming laneway of Llankelly Place presents some fine looking wait staff. Luckily they back this up with an eclectic “Hong Kong-style” cozy interior, tasty tapas with an Asian edge and a cocktail list that was hard to fault (we know, we made our way through most of the menu). The Single Gal was thoroughly delighted by the zing of the Ginger and Lychee Martini. The Young’n batted his eyelids while asking the attentive waiter’s recommendation, and finally settled on a LL Cool Sling (Barcardi8 with fresh lime, pineapple and orange juice with passionfruit and a dash of vanilla). My favourite was the sumptuous Chee Chee Mule (lychees and limes muddled then shaken with 42 Below vodka and lychee juice topped with ginger beer and a hint of cinnamon).

We had an adventurous night hopping through the colourful end of Sydney, but I also came away with a lesson: I am NOT a good wingman. I am NOT good at reading signals. During our extensive debrief over a hot dog at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, my new education began. Lesson 101? A code phrase. Why has no one taught me the subtleties of this job?


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