Shake 156: The Scone Mission

September 8, 2010

Jess/Toku, Tokyo (Japan), June 2010

When I caught up with Jess on the weekend, she’d been making preparations to bake scones for Father’s Day which made me recall a little scone adventure I’d had a couple of years back.

Now, I love scones. I love the traditional plain ones with butter, jam and a dollop of cream. So when I saw a documentary about how the best scones in the world were made by the women of the Country Women’s Association (CWA), it became my mission to get to one of their meetings.

Living in the city, it was difficult to find a CWA meeting occurring outside of business hours (most of the women were probably retired), but I succeeded in finding one in the evening and right in the city. I couldn’t have timed it better – it was their Annual General Meeting. Oh, I could just taste those scones.

My next problem was finding a ‘plus one’. With a plan as ridiculous as this, I couldn’t see any of my girlfriends agreeing to it, so my only hope was my sister. With a couple of weeks to go, the likelihood of wearing her down was looking good, but every time I pleaded, she FLATLY refused. I think memories of the time I dragged her to a Paper Scissors Rock Championship were still fresh in her mind. My last hope was the Hubs. He’s obviously not a woman, but he’s definitely from the country. Surely they couldn’t refuse him.

So with real excitement and anticipation (ok, maybe just on my part) we entered the hall on the night. Picture this: one Aussie bloke that may well have looked like he was from the country and one young woman in her early 30s who… let’s just say I am not Caucasian. We were met with about 40 pairs of eyes. And when I excitedly announced that I was there for the CWA meeting, most of those eyes widened considerably. Then we were swarmed. Surrounded by women who wanted to know who we were and how we came to be there, I only had a few chances to see the food on the table only feet away. Scones? Scones? NO scones.

With the crowd growing and the only other man sticking to the Hubs like a magnet, getting to that table of finger food was impossible, but a lovely woman must have noticed my hopeful glances because she brought over a couple of tasters for us to sample!

Despite the lack of scones, the night surprised us both – their guest speaker had prepared a slide show of his journey up Mount Everest and to the Antarctic, which was not only inspiring but visually breathtaking, so I came away with beautiful pictures in my head.

What does this all have to do with Jess and this Tokyo dome? Not much, but I love when something small triggers a memory you haven’t brought to the surface for a while.

Will I give the scone mission and the CWA another go? Oooh. I think it’s highly likely.


One Response to “Shake 156: The Scone Mission”

  1. Have you been shaking this one recently? I felt abit of an earthquake in Tokyo the other day 😉

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