Shake 155: Happy 3rd birthday Madeleine!

September 7, 2010

Em, Vanuatu, Aug 2010

I was so sure I’d photographed the dome that celebrated Madeleine’s first trip to New York with Em at the ripe age of 1, but it’s disappeared into my black hole which also contains about 300 felt tip pens, at least 20 cardigans and 3 beanies. So Em’s Vanuatu dome will have to suffice and it’s a pretty cool substitute (by the way, I had a group of friends that returned from Vanuatu not long ago without a SINGLE dome – you know who you are).

Like the Hubs, Madeleine also loves Hello Kitty. So here are some more pics from our Tokyo trip that you both can drool over together.

Hello Kitty's house at Sanrio Puroland

Oversized Hello Kitty (that's the Hub's head cut out)

Hello Kitty and I in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo


4 Responses to “Shake 155: Happy 3rd birthday Madeleine!”

  1. wonks Says:

    *gasp* so they do exist in vanuatu!

  2. scrabble girl Says:

    we seriously looked! we have 12 other witnesses to that fact! vanuatu awaits us again and so does our quest to find you a dome!

  3. Caesar Says:

    What’s with the whole anonymity thing? Are you worried that some rabid collector will hunt you down and steal your collection? 😛

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