Shake 153: Happy Father’s Day

September 5, 2010

The Fam, Les Baux (France), 2008

Growing up, I followed my Dad everywhere. If he wasn’t working, I was glued to his side. I was hanging onto him when we went to the shops, I was pulling out weeds (and sometimes plants) when he was out gardening, and I was there on the sidelines at every one of his Sunday soccer matches. As a kid, you just love your dad because he’s your dad, but as you get older, it’s nice when you begin to understand why. There are just too many amazing things to say about my Dad – he’s cheeky, super-happy, loving, wise, constantly learning and trying new things and I would have to say that I respect no one more. And I think as a testament to that, I’ve found myself a life partner with exactly the same disposition and personality. A little scary isn’t it?

I think my father-in-law is who my father wished he could be! Passionate, meticulous and has an amazing library of knowledge when it comes to cars and motorcycles (I’m not sure how many motorcycles he owns now). Des made a solo trip on his bike around Australia a couple of years ago and I think my Dad so wished he could hop on as well.

Happy father’s day Dads!


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