Shake 145: Dumpling disappointment

August 28, 2010

Ron's mate, Hong Kong, Jun 2010

There’s a new dumpling place in town (yes, another one), but Chefs Gallery is a notch above your average dumpling restaurant – it’s modern and tastefully decorated. And a gallery it is, the chefs and their masterpieces are in clear view behind glass walls for all the world to see: patrons and passersby alike. There’s one chef pulling handmade noodles all night which is just impressive to watch.

The stylish Fin was loving the fried tofu with shallots, K-Vin had a sweet spot for the spinach handmade noodles with squid, the Hubs was delighted with the fried rice with 3 types of eggs (century eggs, salty duck eggs and chicken eggs) while Arrabiata-lover had her spoon in the chilli all night. Although the exhibition and the artwork were definitely worth the visit, the biggest disappointment was we missed out on what we really came for: the dumplings. Obviously still having some teething problems, the whole restaurant missed out on their signature dishes due to a mechanical failure. The other disappointment was self-inflicted – we forgot to order these little black sesame buns the Hubs had sampled a couple of days before. Pretty cute huh?

Black sesame buns

Although China is the snowdome manufacturing capital of the world these days, it seems like they’re too busy supplying the world to create their own. Hong Kong is my closest bet!

Chefs Gallery at the new Regent Place in town (Shop 12, 501 George St).


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