Shake 143: The warm and fuzzies

August 26, 2010

Ron's mate, Canada, year?

Why is this snow globe so amazing? For one thing, it’s one of the largest of the collection. Secondly, it plays the sweetest little music box version of the Canadian national anthem which I love to listen to now and then. But the most amazing thing is that someone I’ve never met before made this contribution to my worthy cause. The anonymous person lugged this gargantuan all the way back from Canada on Ron’s behalf. There is definitely some good in the world, no? Or… did they have a crush on my sister?


2 Responses to “Shake 143: The warm and fuzzies”

  1. Caesar Says:

    Our country reeks of trees
    Our yaks are really large
    And they smell of rotting beef carcasses.

    That’s all I can remember whenever I think of the Canadian National Anthem. You’ve got Ren & Stimpy to thank for that…

  2. snowdomes Says:

    Trust you to taint the lovely tune!

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