Shake 137: Revenge plans

August 20, 2010

Me, Museum of Sydney (Australia), 2010

As you know, my local cafe are like my family, so they can get pretty cheeky sometimes. Chai, the barista’s latest trick is to yell at the top of his voice “Snowdomes, your coffee with FIVE sugars is ready!”, at which point the whole cafe turns and looks at me in shock and sometimes disgust. Today, I heard someone whisper to another person about a stick-skinny girl they knew who took six sugars and were sure she was on something else too. And as much as I gingerly try to deny it, the crowd just raise their eyebrows. I need to hatch a revenge plan.

On a less sinister note, I love these domes that let you insert your own photo. I bought this one after a fun day out with Cookie and Newfie just last month at the Museum of Sydney, so this photo is reserved for them!


5 Responses to “Shake 137: Revenge plans”

  1. Bean Says:

    Revenge plot: saying loudly in response “anything to counter that burnt twiggy taste!”
    People who gossip about ppl’s coffee taste are desperate to be loved.

  2. […] a vitally important piece of intelligence about my cheeky barista Chai, which became the means of exacting my revenge. What luck! I won’t share his shame with you, but let’s just say my coffee was respectfully […]

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  4. […] local coffee joint to see huge smiles and kisses to welcome me back, Chai still not tiring of his 6 sugar joke, the usual familiar nod from the now mo-less security guard in the dodge laneway and big hugs from […]

  5. […] like to say a huge congratulations to my favourite cheeky barista Chai who won the ‘Best Latte Art’ category in the SMH Good Cafe Guide 2011. And here’s an example […]

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