Shake 134: Everybody needs good neighbours

August 17, 2010

Claim your dome!

The boys in the next studio keep us pretty entertained. One of them is as obsessed with coffee as I am, so we’re always encouraged to come and sample his brew – including the Coles 1Kg for $9 bean taste test (on the bitter end of the scale but bearable with sugar, if you were interested). The other must be an avid skier, because he’s away for the week sampling the New Zealand slopes and *cough* looking for domes *cough*.

To keep us out of trouble, he left his cute little mate behind. Here she is perched on our book case, I mean ‘sculpture’ (it was meant to be a book case before Em declared it otherwise) cracking the whip.

Neighbour Kitty


One Response to “Shake 134: Everybody needs good neighbours”

  1. Emski Says:

    bookcase/ sculpture / kennel who would have thought!!!

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