The week in review

August 15, 2010

WIR: 2010, Aug 9 - 15

A lot of people are asking about the coffee machine that has become my best friend. Well, here he is with his grinder mate – the mini Mazzer. His name differs in each region, but the most common ones are the Diadema or the BFC Junior: I like to call him the Big Friendly Coffee machine. This little Italian came to share our lives 3 years ago (him and a half day’s training with one of Australia’s most famous baristas) after the Hubs’ extensive research and the generosity of my in-laws. After a bit of steam-tip tweaking and bean testing, the BFC has truly become one our most treasured belongings.

Despite whether anyone reads it or not, another thing I really treasure is this blog. One really positive thing about a daily post is that it makes you stop and take stock of your day – the big and the little events, the people you met, the things that made you laugh and especially the things that made you dream. So lucky for me, the positives are definitely outweighing the negatives. I just have to remember this next time I’m so tired my mind is registering a blank.

So have a good week all: I hope it’s filled with lots of coffee-warming moments!

My maties - the BFC and mini-Mazzer


5 Responses to “The week in review”

  1. Maya Says:

    I am impressed you make your own coffees. I shall one day come round to sample a cup.

  2. snowdomes Says:

    I’ll be waiting jemski!

  3. rc Says:

    I want to try a cuppa please! Where do I sign up for one or should I just turn up at your doorstep one day?!?

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