Shake 126: An unlikely friendship

August 9, 2010

TJ, Dunk Island (Australia), year?

In my last job, TJ sat just over the wall. She was young, energetic, off-beat, constantly darting from one idea to another – basically a breath of fresh air in a very corporate world. Well-loved, she befriended everyone and even struck up a good and lasting friendship with the curmudgeonly 60 year old executive sitting next to her. Sounds a bit dodge doesn’t it, but I assure you it wasn’t (even though the old exec would probably like to paint it as such). The pair are such an odd duo, but I love them so much, we all still meet up once a year for a Christmas Eve champagne breakfast despite all going our separate ways seven years ago, except rather than shouting us, the retired curmudgeon demands we pay for him now!


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