Shake 125: Ramen or tissues?

August 8, 2010

Peter B, Seoul (Korea), 2000

We were so fortunate to be wined and dined by some old friends last night. Nothing beats the cold like a little bubbling Chinese hot pot, but their spread made our attempts seem so basic. While ours usually has some vegetables and a fish ball here and there, the menu included quail eggs, the softest sheets of beef, juicy dumplings and finally noodles that had soaked up all the soupy goodness.

The night was topped off by gifts-for-no-reason other than ‘we saw this and it reminded us of you’.

I’ll leave the gift I received for another post, but here is what the Hubs gleefully unwrapped. For those of you not familiar with Korean instant noodles, Shin Ramen is the highest selling brand in Korea and is hugely popular in most Asian countries.

When he pulled off the wrapping paper, we couldn’t hide our delight. We thought it was the biggest Shin Ramen bowl we’d ever seen, but in a surprising plot twist, it unveiled itself as none other than a tissue box holder! Were we impressed? Absolutely!

Now, considering how much I love snowdomes and Mr Snowdomes loves all things Hello Kitty and kitsch, you must be wondering what sort of state our house is in. I will say no more.

The biggest Shin Ramen bowl you've ever seen?

Or a tissue holder?


3 Responses to “Shake 125: Ramen or tissues?”

  1. Caesar Says:

    Just making good on a promise from elsewhere albeit with a fried-rice-shaped gap in the repertoire, although it does leave open the possibility of future invites if such meagre efforts continue to elicit such high praise!

  2. snowdomes Says:

    The Hubs wants to know where you get your beef from!

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