Shake 118: Christmas in July

August 1, 2010

Scrabble Girl, Sydney (Australia), December 2009

What better way to celebrate the end of Dry July than with a Christmas in July feast? There was the biggest honey and orange glazed ham ever, chooks with to-die-for stuffing and a pumpkin pie that had everyone going for seconds and thirds.

The Hubs couldn’t wait and had already indulged in a cheeky beer earlier in the day while on a ‘shopping expedition’, but for me, it was time for the first glass of wine in 30 days. How was it? Like liquid gold. And the Rhodesians ensured that my glass was never empty for the entire evening. If I had a snowdome for every time I declared ‘it was the best night EVER’, I’d probably be in the collector’s record books.

Will I ever Dry July again? I highly doubt it.


2 Responses to “Shake 118: Christmas in July”

  1. scrabble girl Says:

    hmmm… i like being featured in your blog every once in awhile but me suspects i didnt give you this one. i gave you one with a santa claus on a sleigh if memory serves me correct… dont want to take the credit for someone else’s love on you!

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