Shake 114: Bakeries and bubs

July 27, 2010

Von & Andy, US, year?

Between this and that, I found myself visiting two bakery cafes today.

For a mid-Tuesday morning, Luxe is madly bustling. It’s got that down-to-earth, offbeat, homely feel that is so Newtown, and positioned less than a hop from Campos (some of the hood’s best coffee), the pressure is on their barista. I managed to squeeze onto one of their communal tables to enjoy a super-flaky, buttery croissant and a coffee that definitely gave the neighbours a run for their money. Phew! The head chef himself, Simon Cancio (Sean’s Panaroma, Onde, Bourke Street Bakery, Brasserie Bread), was walking the floor and having a good chat with the locals, which is always nice to see. The smell of baking bread and the aroma of coffee was enough to put me in a meditative state despite the noise!

Not very far away on Dank Street, The French House literally follows its name with an interior in that ornate French opulent style: dark, wooden floors, heavy drapes and chandeliers. I sat on their large balcony that wraps around the corner and enjoyed tea served on a decorative silver (looking) tray with a small glass bowl containing sugar cubes which had its own little tray too. Very sweet.

On the topic of food, my super-culinary friends Von and Andy welcomed a little daughter into the world today! They gave me this dome of an indigenous American fertility god, I think it was a hint.


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