Dome-kit: Part 2 – Painting

July 24, 2010

Four hours of intensive painting

When my two friends gleefully gave me this gift last Christmas, little did they know they would be dragged into hours of intensive labour as a result, and also be the laughing stock among their friends when they were asked how they were spending their Saturday.

I thought I’d heard enough complaints about hard labour during the first phase of this snowdome-making kit last month when we cast the figurines, but today’s painting phase really had the pair regretting their gift. Much to their disgust, I had an awesome day! It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a paintbrush and the memories of design school came flooding back.

With the bases and figurines completed, there is but one stage left: assembling the dome and filling it with water and glitter. Hopefully I’ll get to that tomorrow!

Check out the results. I won’t tell you who painted what or else I think I’ll have two less friends. Thanks gals, I am just loving this gift.

The fairy with the wonky wand and striped socks

Complaints about having to paint an added gnome

Running out of blue and yellow paint


2 Responses to “Dome-kit: Part 2 – Painting”

  1. […] remember that DIY dome kit the girls gave me last Christmas? After two sweatshop sessions, here is the first of the finished […]

  2. […] final instalment in the snowdome trilogy – it’s my little bit of artwork. Thanks ladies – as much fun as it was, even I’ll admit it […]

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