Shake 108: The snowdome-carry-on mismatch

July 21, 2010

Lados, somewhere in the US, but when?

The view from the top

With the change of liquor licensing laws in Sydney, tiny little bars are popping up everywhere. Tonight’s soiree was at the aptly named Pocket Bar. In this little dungeon-like space in a part of Sydney’s hip and happening laneway, it’s a mismatcher’s heaven: a mix of odd arm chairs and high bar stools, coffee tables and communal tables, ‘beautiful’ people and us, all framed by artwork on the walls for sale. Oddly charming.

I would love to tell you how good the cocktails were and how warming the wine was, but my dedication to Dry July meant that only lemon, lime and bitters touched these lips, even though Jade tried to tempt me by waving a beautiful glass of red before his face so he could savour the sweet aroma and show me what I was missing out on. The company was enough to make up for it though, the Lados are just… cool (except the craziest Lado was absent tonight, so it was a mismatch of other sorts as well). And their coolness goes up a notch after holidays because they always come back with awesome domes and crazy travel tales (like how a snowdome had to be left behind because of liquid restrictions in carry-on luggage!!!). My dome-count this month is skyrocketing!


2 Responses to “Shake 108: The snowdome-carry-on mismatch”

  1. sitchie Says:

    Ok so are you referring to me when you said the ‘craziest Lado’? Or were you referring to Matea or Fish Sitchon-Lado.

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