Shake 105: Slide-burn

July 18, 2010

The Hubs, Sydney (Australia), 2007

A couple of years back, I organised a photo shoot at Luna Park, Sydney’s iconic fun park. I needed to do a little pre-shoot investigation and the Hubs (who grew up outside of Sydney) had never been, so on a warm Autumn Saturday arvo, we ventured out to Sydney Harbour with my camera in hand.

It was like letting a child run wild in a lolly shop – he didn’t know where to look, which ride to go on or what type of awful fast food he would gobble down first. But it was the two massive slides that delighted him most. After at least three rides (as the only adult), he felt it important that I too experience his excitement. Halfway down the slide, I accidently leaned a little too much to one side and basically skidded down the remainder of the ride on my left arm. With the top layer of skin burnt off, it was an understatement to say it was painful. And the additional pain was from the embarrassment of a full grown woman injuring herself while every other child slid down without even a scratch! My bandaged arm wasn’t a good look for the ensuing week and provided an unwanted point of conversation at every client meeting.

This is the experience tied to this dome and I still have a scar to also remind me.


2 Responses to “Shake 105: Slide-burn”

  1. Bean Says:

    Scar dome! An experience you didnt need a snowdome to commemorate because of your acquired purplish and pink scar tissue. And yet you did. What is that but obsession? Domeamania.

  2. Emski Says:

    no pain no dome gain x

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