Shake 98: High on ice

July 11, 2010

Claim your dome!

Now everyone knows it snows in very few parts of Australia. Though we don’t suffer those freezing cold temperatures, we miss out on some magical experiences like the first snow fall and ice skating on frozen-over lakes (is this actually common or just my fantasy?). A few people must have felt this void because temporary skating rinks have been popping up all over Sydney this winter, so we decided to lace up at Carriageworks last night to celebrate Shelby’s birthday.

The last timed I’d skated was probably 20 years ago, so in true uncoordinated-me-style, I managed to fall on my butt within the first ten seconds, but the sister-in-laws found their feet within minutes and were re-living their rollerblading days. Even my father-in-law, who’s over 60, displayed some awesome skating-style. We had a good family conga line going which looked pretty impressive because the rink was tiny!

The only downer was I seriously nearly broke my dry July promise – everyone was indulging in mulled wine everywhere I turned. Ahh… 19 days to go.

Happy birthday Shelby!


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