Shake 95: Brushing up on ideas

July 8, 2010

Jem, Japan, Year?

The Hubs thinks I come up with some weird theories, but I know where I get it from. Last night, my dad announced his latest philosophical idea. I doubt he really believed it, I think his real motive was to subtly encourage us to have some sprogs. He said: every human being should leave one human being behind to ensure general equilibrium in the world. So according to this idea, the Hubs and I need to have 2 kids. I could see the cogs spinning in the Hubby’s head – what about couples with 6 kids? Couldn’t we take account for 2 of theirs? What about China and their one child policy and yet their huge population, he continued. My dad wasn’t happy.

And I totally sympathised. My friend, Bunny always seems to find holes in my theories too, though mine are a little less philosophical than Dad’s. Every time I come up with one, I ask myself: what would Bunny think? The Hubs thinks using Bunny as a reality check is weirder than my theories.

Now for something completely different: check out this dome that also disguises as a hairbrush! Who else but Jem.


4 Responses to “Shake 95: Brushing up on ideas”

  1. Maya Says:

    I have to admit, I get pretty excited when I find a snowdome with a dual function. It’s like too gifts in one!

  2. Caesar Says:

    You know your dad’s onto something… although I remember reading somewhere that the replenishment rate is like 1.3 or something.

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