Shake 93: Macarooning around

July 6, 2010

Cookie & Newfie, New Zealand (2008)

Coffee, macaroons and a bit of art. Could you ask for a sweeter day? With the launch of the biggest Biennale of Sydney yet, we made our way down to the MCA for a bit of inspiration today. But before we could feast with our eyes, we had to inspire our stomachs. Gazing at all the exquisitely beautiful handmade cakes, desserts and pastries at La Renaissance Café Patisserie, I began to understand why this is a favourite haunt of my mate – Scrabble Girl. One fluffy croissant down, it was impossible to resist the macaroons – my favourite was the salted caramel, but the blackcurrant ganache and fresh raspberry were undeniably enjoyable.

It was hard to tear ourselves away from the quaint courtyard, but art was calling. Amongst a range of interesting and confronting work, I found a gem in a trio of work by Swedish artist, Martin Jacobsen. Beautiful and surprising. I really need to get to Cockatoo Island next, the Biennale’s signature venue.

To celebrate my day with Cookie & Newfie, I am two domes up from the Museum of Sydney, yay!


2 Responses to “Shake 93: Macarooning around”

  1. scrabble girl Says:

    sounds lovely, let’s set a macaroon date soon!

  2. snowdomes Says:

    I will have one or five macaroons with you any day!

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