The week in review

July 4, 2010

WIR: 2010, Jun 28 - Jul 4

I spent the arvo at my local trying to get the creative juices flowing for some conceptual work. It wasn’t a very bustling arvo, so there were plenty of free tables, but a couple decided the one next to me was their choice. It was so hard to ignore their conversation which sounded a lot like a date. It made me cringe, and I started to question whether I’d subjected someone else to this during my own dating years… I’m sure they probably moved tables once I hit the topic of snowdomes though!

My timing could not have been better for this week’s skiing and snowboarding domes. I can’t remember a colder week in June – I’ve pulled out my warmest gear and it still seems cold. You Northerners are probably scoffing at my weakness, but when you’ve got gloriously beautiful Springs and Autumns, it’s hard to get used to a bit of chill.

I’m a little disappointed with myself though. I’ve failed to remember most of this week’s contributors which makes me wonder: did I buy these domes myself?


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