Shake 90: Sober skiing cows

July 3, 2010

Claim your dome! Blue Cow (Australia)

July is when you just want to rug up, shake your domes and get into that hearty food. It’s harder to get to those bars on a cold night when your warm couch is calling. So I’ve decided there’s no better time to detox than now. It’s dry July. No alcohol this month folks. Can I make it? I’m not sure. I may end up overdosing on coffee as a result.

Today's brew

I love Tobys Estate beans. When they’re fresh, the extraction is so amazingly thick and creamy, like liquid gold. I heart coffee.


One Response to “Shake 90: Sober skiing cows”

  1. […] look both forward and back. I look back on 9 month’s worth of daily blogging; I remember the cold Dry July with some pain, the day I made contact with one of the snowdome greats, my sister’s return laden […]

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