Shake 86: Sleep-shaking

June 29, 2010

Claim your dome! Whistler (Canada)

I’ve had some close calls over the last couple of nights, so it’s nice to have more than 15 minutes to get it happening, but I’m so tired tonight, the words are a gluggy risotto in my head. I just nodded off mid-sentence. Don’t you miss your 20s when you lived on a couple of hours of sleep, days on end and still somehow held down a job?

The only thing popping up in my head right now: how can I get to Whistler?

And here’s a photo of the cast figurines after a couple of hours in the oven. Bunny, you did an awesome job with the flashing. Stage One complete. Yay.

Oven-baked goodness, ready for Stage Two (thanks Bunny & Jess!)


4 Responses to “Shake 86: Sleep-shaking”

  1. Caesar Says:

    Take one of the cheap flights to LA, then bum a local flight up to Vancouver. Whistler’s only a stone’s throw from there, probably around $1300 all up.

    Better go soon. “Moose” told me that because of the erosion caused by underground rivers, Whistler’s only going to be around another 50 years or so (and that was 10 years ago).

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