Make-your-own-dome: Part 1

June 27, 2010

The Kit

Last Christmas, my two girlfriends gave me this make-your-own-snowdome kit. It would be an understatement to say that I was a little excited. The gals have been doing tag-team travelling this year, so it wasn’t until today that we had a chance to tackle this fun road to three unique and personal domes. What we didn’t expect was the amount of work involved – it started looking a lot like a sweatshop!

Three hours later, we’d mixed our plaster (with some thickening issues I might add), poured into moulds (with air bubble issues) and started painting some dome-bases while the plaster continued to set (with plenty of complaints about intensive labour from the sweatshop workers). The question that continually popped up was ‘how do they expect kids to do this stuff??’

I have to report: the fairy’s wand is a little wonky, the gnome has no face but the back of his head is great and one fairy has some clipped wings. Not perfect, but certainly unique!

The casts have been in the oven for two hours and are currently cooling, soon to be ready for Stage 2: painting. Whether the sweatshop gals will come back to finish off the job is another question. I can’t wait to see how they’ll look when we finish up! Watch this space.

Pouring plaster into the moulds

Waiting for the plaster to set

Painting the bases (surprisingly labour intensive)

Three casts ready to jump into the oven


One Response to “Make-your-own-dome: Part 1”

  1. […] thought I’d heard enough complaints about hard labour during the first phase of this snowdome-making kit last month when we cast the figurines, but today’s painting phase […]

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