Shake 78: Why?

June 21, 2010

Me, Telstra Tower (Canberra, Australia), 2002

Given that I’ve been blogging for over two months now, this is a strangely timed post, but here it is anyway. Why snowdomes you ask?

I played with my first domes when I was about 4 years old. I’m not sure where they came from, but somehow two popped up in our house. They were both of the plastic variety, blue-backed with a white base featuring the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I was entranced. For a period, while I waited for my sisters to return from school, my day consisted of Romper Room (I’m showing my age), daisy chains in the backyard, playing with mum’s fabrics and watching the snow swirl around these special places. What happened to them? I’m sure I broke them, but I think I’ve conveniently erased that from my memory.

To me, the snowdome was that little thing you bought to remember; it represented seeing new places and experiencing new things. You could say that travelling and new journeys was my underlying need, but I really can’t deny that I just love all things kitsch as well!

Your experience is as special as mine, so even though you may have contributed the same dome as one I already have, no two experiences are ever the same.


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