Shake 74: Your opportunity to add to the list

June 17, 2010

JB, Jenolan Caves (NSW, Australia), 2000

I really have to start getting these video posts happening – it’s impossible to enjoy the beauty of this dome without it. Not only is there a load of glitter flying around when you give it a shake, there are also lots of cute little black bats! We LOVE.

And before I forget, you have to let me know if you have a collection of your own. I really appreciate it when my mates spend their time and money on furthering my little obsession, so I am always keen to be giving back. My current holiday shopping list consists of: a snowdome (or a couple of course), a spoon, a magnet, a shot glass and something green for my sister. You might as well add yours to the list.


9 Responses to “Shake 74: Your opportunity to add to the list”

  1. Caesar Says:


  2. snowdomes Says:

    and how about transformer-related merchandise? does that count?

  3. Virg Says:

    what if i collected $100 bills preferably US bills? too boring… will have to think of something better!

    • snowdomes Says:

      Is this really Virg?? Definitely TOO boring for a virg-suggestion… it’s not that I want to get out of getting you $100 dollar bills or anything…

  4. Bean Says:

    Novelty salt n pepper shakers, measuring cups, buttons/pins, frequent flyer miles…

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