June 17, 2010

Today, I made contact with one of the world’s snowdome greats – Andy Zito. Andy boasts an enormous collection of more than 4,500 domes. Did you hear that?? 4,500 snowdomes! He is surely a collection connoisseur. I just feel like taking his whole site and shaking it!

I have enough trouble housing my own mere collection of 500, I have no idea where he puts them all, I am in utter awe.

Check out his site if you want to see some fun domes and heeeeeaps of them! Andy Zito’s snowdomes


8 Responses to “Aspirations”

  1. Lea Says:

    Ack, I feel all disoriented coming to this site and not seeing a snowdome pic!

  2. Maya Says:

    I’ve always dreamed of a whole room for shoes, I guess yours is snowdomes.

  3. Caesar Says:

    I had a similar moment when I saw this guy’s Transformers collection on the ABC Collectors’ show (forgot what it was called). He has an entire room dedicated to them, and entry is secured via a thumbprint scanner!!!?!

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  5. […] daily blogging; I remember the cold Dry July with some pain, the day I made contact with one of the snowdome greats, my sister’s return laden with domes, daily blogging across 4 time zones on October’s dash […]

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