Shake 72: Scraping by

June 15, 2010

Bunny, San Francisco (US), 2008

Doesn’t everyone have one friend that always seems to get into scrapes? I affectionately called mine Bunny as I’m sure she would like to remain anonymous – she is amazingly intelligent, someone you can depend on, but is always finding herself in some situation that makes me throw back my head and howl. For example, farting in front of her colleagues when she’d just started a new job, or the New Year’s Eve when she left her bag in a friend’s apartment and broke off a random key in the lock trying to gain entry (mm.. this one is not sounding too intelligent) or in a taxi to the airport after a huge night on conference – throwing up out the window and spattering her colleagues in the back seat.

These days, she just has to start a story and I can’t stop laughing.

Thanks Bunny. You have entertained me to no end over numerous cocktails. And considering the situations you get yourself into, I’m amazed the domes make their way to me in one piece.


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