Shake 71: Confessions of a collector

June 14, 2010

Claim your...unbroken dome!

*Snowdomes takes a deep breath*

I have two confessions to make today. Are you ready?

I’m not sure which confession is worse, so I’ll just start with this one. I took on the huge task of rearranging my domes today (wow, I really sound sad). Believe it or not, this blog requires a bit of work and organisation – in particular, photos need to be taken, organised and backed up. During this process, I found myself doubling up here and there because I was accidently photographing some domes twice. I decided to address this issue today – I would rearrange the domes in my cabinets into the following groups: blogged, photographed and the rest.

Four long hours later it was done and I thought I’d make a proper dome count (it had been quite a while since the last) and I made this shocking discovery: my total is actually…. about 500 snowdomes (work domes not included)! I must have accidently added one hundred here or there on my last count. So I profusely apologise and assure you it was an honest mistake. I have been taking solace in the Hub’s words – 500 is still pretty good. *sniff, sniff*

So, to confession number two. As you can probably imagine, there were snowdomes scattered all over the place today and moving domes is a risky business. Not only were they moved and organised and moved again, my nervousness was compounded by the cheeky cat finding any small patch between the domes to place his dainty paws. I know you’ve already guessed what happened. With only about 20 left to return to their place, one dome slipped from my hands and dropped to the floor. It bounced on the carpet and finally met its end on the hard kitchen floor. I wish you could have seen the look of absolute horror on my face. So I am so SO sorry to the owner of this Phuket oyster. Can we find some comfort in the fact that it was photographed in tact? Maybe?

I’m not sure whether today’s effort was worth it. I’m going to pour myself another drink now.


5 Responses to “Shake 71: Confessions of a collector”

  1. Bean Says:

    You’re a hard worker and deserve a little taste. If these are your confessions you may even take 2. It’s ok to drop snow domes. It’s ok to stack the count too. It’s just not ok to be loud spoken around quiet people or to speak of religion when there is anything else to talk about. You are ahead of the game, Snow dooms!

  2. Caesar Says:

    500 snowdomes sitting on the wall,
    500 snowdomes sitting on the wall,
    And if one of those snowdomes should accidentally fall,
    There’ll be 499 snowdomes sitting on the wall.

    499 snowdomes sitting on the wall…

  3. […] feel like I’ve achieved a lot this week – the organised domes make blog-life that much easier and connecting with a new world of collectors through Andy Zito has […]

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