Shake 66: League of Superheroes

June 9, 2010

Claim your dome!

The Hubs is usually very supportive of the collection but he thinks this dome is uuuuuuuugly (obviously I don’t share this sentiment). He calls the unlikely pair Erythema Man and Super Slug. Having said that, anyone want to put their hand up for this one now?


10 Responses to “Shake 66: League of Superheroes”

  1. MMinnix Says:

    That’s Anpanman (アンパンマン.) I’ve never seen him with a slug. Odd.

    To maybe narrow down, it almost certainly came from Japan.

    • snowdomes Says:

      LOL. That’s awesome. I knew he wasn’t just some strange figurine.. but who is that slug??? I should take another photo of the other side of the dome, the slug has the biggest grin ever. You might be able to recognise him.

  2. This little character is HUGE in Japan. His name is Anpanman and his head is made of a Japanese bread that has a red bean jam filling. This bread is called “anpan”, thus where Anpanman gets his name! He is quite a jolly little fellow isn’t he 🙂

  3. snowdomes Says:

    Jem, is this one of yours?

  4. snowdomes Says:

    ooh! I think the slug is Baikinman(Meany Man): Leader of the Viruses, villain from Germ World come to destroy Anpanman (according to wiki).

  5. The reason why the Hubs is not being supportive of this snowdome is because Anpanman is serious competition for Hello Kitty in Japan. Sorry Rick, but I choose the rosy cheeks of Anpanman over the groomed whiskers of Hello Kitty any day! Hello Kitty, Goodbye Kitty!

  6. Maya Says:

    This is one of mine. And it is indeed Anpanman and Baikinman. And what sort of person doesn’t love Anpanman? I used to really like Rick…

  7. prettyprettyyumyum Says:

    An Anpanman dome!!! You really are the snowdome queen 🙂

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