Shake 63: Sake, snowdomes and sisters

June 6, 2010

Ron, but where and when?

With business matters behind me, what else was there to do in Melbourne apart from sampling the food? After a tiring day chasing kids around, the Hubs whisked me away to sample some of the city’s fine food. Overlooking Treasury Gardens, Verge offers Japanese inspired, modern food in a cool, modern space, split over a couple of levels. The tasting menu was adventurous with many surprising flavour combinations and seaweed, in particular, making a very prominent appearance along the way. A super extensive wine list including sake and umeshu, just added to my happiness.

With dinner out of the way, what next? Breakfast of course. In a small cul-de-sac, we found a shoebox sized cafe with reportedly awesome coffee and it didn’t disappoint. I love these tiny hidden places that not only pump out a good caffeine hit, but have a simple menu and do it really well, all wrapped up with some lovely, warm service – I was in love with the waiter with the French-style moustache curled on the ends! Pound is definitely worth a coffee stop if you’re around (but it’s on Oxford St, not Chapel like they advertise).

I wasn’t disappointed to be home though. There, waiting on the table was a new snowdome! Fortunately for us, my sister is always willing to cat-sit while we are away… not sure if it’s fortunate for the cat though – she loves to hassle him so he seems exceedingly happy when we arrive. Sounds like she’d enlisted a friend to hunt for some Hong Kong holiday domes!

So today’s post is for my sister. I love this dome Ron, but where is it from???


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