Shake 46: Banking on snowdomes

May 20, 2010

Shirley, Sydney (Australia), Year?

Don’t even ask. How one comes into possession of a Commonwealth Bank snowdome is a mystery to me, but somehow Shirley did it. And it was clear she was proud of her feat because she had a fit of uncontrollable laughter when she handed it over. Why a bank would even use a snowdome to market their wares is even more perplexing, but here it is.

Thanks Shirley, I hope you are eating more than a couple of carrots a night and your spinning tops are becoming the work of art you had envisaged! Miss you.

Ps Happy birthday Mondo!


One Response to “Shake 46: Banking on snowdomes”

  1. Yes I was rather proud back then because I knew this one would be “unique”, hahaha. Now I feel so proud that its been formally conducted into the “Snowdomes Hall of Fame”. I feel a tiny tear on the corner of my eye.

    There isn’t a whole lot of food in my fridge lately but don’t worry, it’s not just carrots. There are cucumbers and lots of kimchee too, haha.

    I’m drowning in spinning tops and still waiting for the arrival of your postcard 😉

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