Shake 45: Venison with a side of butterflies

May 19, 2010

Eeza, Sydney (Australia), 2006

Bugger... no butterflies in this shot

I have an amazingly talented friend who started his career working in animation for Disney and from there, his art has taken him from strength to strength. It’s no surprise that he’s currently working for one of the world’s best animation and effects companies.

In the last days of Disney’s Sydney office, the management showed staff their appreciation with this gift. Of course, not everyone shares my passion and rumour has it, that evening, quite a few of these snowdomes popped up on Ebay. But I am so grateful that this one made its way to me.

There are two reasons why this snowdome is so special: when you shake it, the flakes are gorgeous, colourful butterflies which flutter magically around Bambi (sorry, I have to get onto some action shots), the second reason is that this was Eeza’s baby, he animated this exact scene in the movie.


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