Shake 40: Visiting Hello Kitty land

May 14, 2010

Snowdomes, Tokyo (Japan), Dec 2007


After snowboarding in Niseko, the Hubs and I spent a week eating and drinking our way through Tokyo. I found this dome in a cuuuute store in the middle of Yoyogi Park next to Harajuku Station. It’s always hard when you’re travelling and you have to restrict yourself to one dome per location due to baggage restrictions, not sure how long I stood in front of the selection at the shop, it’s always a painful decision.

The things I remember about this trip: the owner of a tiny bar in Shinjuku dressed up as Dragonball-Z was in love with the Hubs, an opulent birthday meal at the top of the Lost in Translation hotel where it felt like you could see all of Tokyo and the super-fun miniscule yakitori bars in Pis Alley (sounds appetising doesn’t it).

After being dragged to Sanrio Puroland to meet Kitty herself, she basically followed us all around Tokyo.

HK in the flesh: a defining moment in the Hub's life

Believe it or not: a HK musical


Sake + yakitori in Pis Alley


One Response to “Shake 40: Visiting Hello Kitty land”

  1. Emski Says:

    Did Kitty go to Berlin??

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