Shake 38: The second layer

May 12, 2010

Von & Andy, Japan, 2006

I don’t even know how to start this post, so I’ll just come out and say it. My husband loves Hello Kitty. I pride myself in knowing the Hubs inside-out, I can totally read him like a book and I call him a one layer onion because what you see is totally what you get. But this ONE thing, this strange connection with Hello Kitty completely bewilders me. And while I am dealing with this bewilderment, my friends are revelling in it and have no problem with loading him up with every Hello Kitty branded object they can find (you know who you are): he now eats off HK plates, drinks tea from HK cups, pops a little HK pez into his gob once in a while, cools himself down during those hot summer days with a HK fan and answers phone calls on a monstrously huge pink HK bumble bee telephone. Can it get any scarier?

Look at this dome. Have you ever felt happy and annoyed at the same time?


6 Responses to “Shake 38: The second layer”

  1. Virg Says:

    the hubs should start his own blog! he has enough stuff to rival you!

  2. Doyle Kim Says:

    Mia!!!! Leave the man alone in his dwelling place. You gotta respect da man’s silent room, it’s where Rick finds his balance!! REspect RICK!!! They just opened a massive Hello Kitty store in Dubai Mall!!! It’s a full out fur fight in there!!! Lovin the loads!!!! Snowdome you are an icon so no need to worry about competition!!

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